the big forty eight

forty eight hours until the moment i step into the plane that will take me to the other side of the world, south ways speaking. it’s already here, forty eight hours have arrived .i got used to the feeling of doing things and thinking that the 15th of october would only arrive in another lifetime, i guess all the crap stuff one has to do before embarking on this trip, like doctor appointments, allergy checks, visas, computer crashes, etc, would keep me busy until i looked around me and i’d already e in africa… but noooooo. i’m still here, and now Aldo’s also here.

i have never missed anyone so much than him these past weeks, but having him here makes things so much more real. almost as if he’s my reality check. he has been my reality for a long time, but like this almost feels crazy. if he’s here we are definitely going, i can’y daydream anymore, he’s here, it’s here and we’re going.

but who else would make sense of this other than Aldo? no one! i have had very good support from my family, telling me “it’ll be great but be careful of the snakes!”, “i wish i was going with you, but i’m too scared of the sharks!”, “maputo is a great city, but be careful to not get kidnapped!”… ;) best wishes from who want the best for me!!! eheheheh

but i know i wouldn’t be forty eight hours away from this if it wasn’t for my friends who have made sure i felt as if this is what i was meant to do.

we will be staying with a very nice couple, who even if they are leaving Maputo soon, i hope we become great friends, i hope they help us in that city with everything we can, can’t, must and should do. i don’t know how to thank them enough for taking in complete strangers and letting us a room… of a piece of their floor, i just really wanted a roof over my head.

i’ll try to write to you tomorrow… about the big twenty four… which right now makes the big forty eight sound so nice…


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  Sofia wrote @

I am getting anxious just of reading your posts. I just learned from Rosa and João’s blog that you are arriving. They are fantastic! Hope everything went well with the journey and wish you guys all the best for this new adventure. Best of luck!

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